Budget Vision

Daily balance, calendar view.
Plan budget for future, don't just track expenses.
For those, who don't live the same life for years - entrepreneurs, digital nomads, travelers...

I love the idea of seeing my future balance. I can plan my expenses and know when I can buy something.

Pavel A.

Before Budget Vision I've tried ~10 apps for budgeting. And every time they show me that I'm good. By the end of the month. But they never tell me that I need to wait 2 weeks before buying something to not go negative.

Jane S.

Now I can see how my budget will look like if I buy this thing today, next week, or next month. That's exactly what I need!

Max P.


Other apps show your past. Budget Vision shows your today and your future. Now you know what's coming up, and how to prepare.

Daily Balance

See your daily balance for each account, and plan your budget the right way.


Breakdown balances by currency, or auto-convert to one.

Weekly/Daily limit esimation

See how much you can spend today/week/month.

Easy to log

You can set your transactions in advance, and just watch how you align.


Set your actual account balance anytime to align your budget.

AI to log transactions

Send '1000 rent 1st' in Telegram bot - it just works.

Feature requests

How it works

We've created a series of tutorials to help you get started


Best for

TL;DR - If you know that other apps for budgeting does not work.
Now you dont have to put every transaction daily.
We know that this is not a real solution.

Digital Nomads/Travelers

Cost of living varies a lot, unexpected expenses, etc.


You learn how to manage your money, and it's hard.


Non-fixed income, unexpected expenses, etc.


Know your balance for every day. Plan for months. Control what is yours.

What's included

  • See your balance for every day
  • Plan ahead for months
  • Know your high and low balances
  • Multiple currencies
  • Breakdown balances by currency, or convert to a single one
  • Track wishlist
    (and find out when to buy)
  • Translate to single Currency
  • Easy reconciliation
  • Estimate spending limit
  • Telegram bot
  • Unique analytics insights
  • AI-input for transactions
  • Bank sync (on request)
  • Free coaching session (on request)
  • Premium support
  • Money back guarantee
  • And much more

19$ / month

Cancel anytime. Money back guarantee.

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